Does the brewery offer tours?

We offer tours by appointment only.

Do you sell beer to go at the brewery?

Totally! We have 22oz bottles, 12oz bottles, and 16oz cans available for sale in the Tap Room. Switchback Ale is always available while different Rotating Specials and Limited Release offerings come and go. See what is pouring and what is available in bottles currently!

Do you sell kegs at the brewery?

No, we do not sell kegs out of the brewery. Kegs can be found by calling your local liquor store. Call ahead for availability.

Can you ship me bottles or cans?

No, we cannot ship you any beer out of the brewery. There are strict laws involving the shipping of alcohol within and out of state.

I had a Switchback that was cloudier than normal. Was there something wrong with my beer?

No! There is nothing wrong with a cloudier than normal Switchback (affectionately called the “Switchback Milkshake”). The small amount of yeast still in the beer will settle to the bottom of the keg over time. If left undisturbed, there will be little change in appearance (perhaps slightly clearer), but if the keg is jostled hard enough some yeast can rouse up. Since the end of the tapping spear is at the bottom of the keg, the yeast will be drawn up making a cloudier than normal pour. This is just the result of the beer being left in its natural state.

I had a Switchback that was clearer than normal. Was there something wrong with my beer?

No! When the yeast and proteins left in the beer settle to the bottom of the keg, the beer becomes naturally clearer. If the keg is left undisturbed, the beer will pour clearer. If you prefer your Switchback cloudier, we recommend shaking the keg vigorously before tapping. The yeast and protein, which have settled to the bottom of the keg, will be redistributed and the beer will look exactly as it did when packaged at the brewery.

Is there any special handling recommended for unfiltered kegs, bottles or cans?

Yes, we recommend that before tapping a keg of Switchback you shake the keg vigorously. The yeast and protein, which have settled to the bottom of the keg, will be redistributed and the beer will look exactly as it did when packaged at the brewery. To get the same effect on our bottles and cans turn the bottle or can upside down before opening and give it a swirl. We call this the “Switchback Swirl!”

Do bottles and cans need to be kept refrigerated?

As a rule, all beer should be stored chilled for best flavor. It slows the staling process, which means the beer will taste fresher longer. This staling process is a slow one, fortunately, so there is no problem allowing the bottles to be room temperature. They shouldn’t be left warm for weeks and weeks, though, or you will detect a lack of freshness in the flavor. Flavor is the only thing affected. There is no worry regarding any kind of spoilage.

What does “unfiltered” mean?

In short, it simply means “not filtered.” Beer is naturally full of proteins and some remaining yeast cells that are floating around and make it hazy (cloudy). It is by far most common to filter these particles out of the beer making it sparkle. The process strips these components from the beer resulting in a crisp and clean flavored beer, though less complex. By leaving the beer unfiltered in its natural state, all the complexity of the fermentation and aging remain. A good analogy is the difference between apple cider and apple juice. The cider is left unfiltered and the juice is just filtered cider.

What is “naturally carbonated?” Are all beers naturally carbonated?

Natural carbonation is a process whereby the yeast itself creates the carbonation in the beer. During beer fermentation, the yeast converts sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide (CO2). Most of the carbon dioxide vents out of the fermenter. Switchback has specially designed fermenters that allow for the capture of the last 24 hours of CO2 produced by the yeast.

Beer can also be carbonated artificially by injecting the beer with compressed CO2. This is the most common method of carbonation. There are various ways to naturally carbonate, including bottle conditioning. The Switchback process is unusual because we produce 100% naturally carbonated beer in our fermenters, which can be packaged in either kegs, bottles, or cans.

Where are the date codes on bottles and cans? How long past the date code is the beer fresh?

22oz BOTTLE: Back label below the government warning in Julian date format. EX: 18235 would indicate it was bottled on the 235th day of 2018.
12oz BOTTLE: Back label of the stubby bottle, bottom left side.
16oz CAN: Bottom of can

We suggest drinking our beer within 120 days of the date code for maximum freshness.

Where can I find your beer in my state?

Visit the beer finder on our website to find if and where our beer is available near you.Switchback is available throughout New England and in New York.

Where can I send a donation/sponsorship requests?

Is the Tap Room dog friendly?

Well-behaved pups are allowed both inside and outside of the Tap Room.

Is the Tap Room family friendly?

Yes, the Tap Room is very family friendly. We have non-alcoholic options available in the Tap Room as well as some board games for fun.