Celebrating our 2nd Employee-Owned Anniversary.


February 6th marked the 2nd Anniversary of Switchback going employee-owned! 

Two years ago, each of our 30 employee's lives were changed forever. If you've never heard the story of how the news was broken to us, it's actually pretty great. The crew was pulled together for a meeting off-site where we were greeted by Brewery Founder, Bill Cherry. After (a lot) of dramatic buildup, we were told the company was sold and we were officially under new ownership. There were a few audible gasps in the room and we wish you could have seen the look of pure panic and shock on our faces. Bill told us he wanted us to meet the new owners and began reaching for the nearest door. That's when he suddenly spun around and yelled, "IT'S YOU! We sold the company to you and you're all the new owners of Switchback." In that moment, panic turned to celebration and it was truly an amazing moment for all of us. 

We're so proud to be locally & and employee-owned forever, making a product that all of us are passionate about and truly stand behind. We appreciate all of the love and support we get from our community and fans. Thank you so much!

Amy Lieblein