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Humo is here!

The newest beer in our Flynn on Fire smoked beer series is here! Fresh jalepeños and smoked malt partner to create this spicy chipotle treat. The bold imperial stout character helps balance out the heat of the peppers resulting in an unforgettable drinking experience. Available on draught and in 22oz bottles exclusively at the Tap Room at the brewery. 10.9% ABV | Smoke-Ometer = 75%

Flynn on Fire Festival sets the brewery ablaze!

The 2nd annual Flynn on Fire Festival takes last year’s inaugural event to the next level!

Join us at the brewery for a full day of smoke and fire themed art, music, food and beer with art demos, a mini makers fair and a live fire performance from Cirque De Fuego. Music acts include, Nico Suave & the Bodacious SupremeThe Wormdogs and Jacob Green. A full lineup of smoked beers from the brewery’s Flynn on Fire series will be available plus an exclusive barrel-aged beer release. Raffle to benefit the Lake Champlain Land Trustwhose mission is to save the scenic beauty, natural communities, and recreational amenities of Lake Champlain. You can’t make delicious beer without clean water! TICKETS ON SALE HERE:


WHEN: Saturday, September 28th, 2019 | 3-8PM
WHERE: Switchback Brewing Co., 160 Flynn Avenue, Burlington, VT 05401
TICKETS: $7 EARLY BIRD (7.11 - 7.24) | $10 ADVANCE | $12 DAY OF
Children 12 and under are free but will still need a ticket so we can keep track of guest numbers.

Nico Suave & the Bodacious Supreme
The Wormdogs
Jacob Green
Live fire performance from Cirque de Fuego

Bluebird BBQ
Snowcap Cold Brew
Lake Champlain Chocolates Ice Cream Truck

Pop up barrel room & educational tent
An exclusive barrel-aged beer release
A full lineup of Switchback’s Flynn on Fire Smoked Beer Series 
Non-smoked beers available as well.

Orwell Glass live glass blowing (DEMO)
New Duds onsite screen printing (DEMO)
Nick Heilig performance painter (DEMO)
Zo Bird Pottery (DEMO) 
Katie Porter Hand-Engraved Wood Burnings (DEMO)
Gerald K. Stoner sculpture garden
Tiny Gang Designs
Djano Wood Designs
Vermont Butcher Shop
Soap Kettle Creations

Green Mountain Henna Designs
Bubble Station

Stop by City Market's tent for membership info and giveaways.
Water stations provided by Clear Water Filtration. Be sure to bring your reusable water bottles

RAFFLE: to benefit Raffle to benefit the Lake Champlain Land Trust whosemission is to save the scenic beauty, natural communities, and recreational amenities of Lake Champlain. More info at:


No coolers
No outside food or beverage
No illegal substances
No weapons
No re-entry
This is a rain or shine event.
Sorry, tickets are non-refundable.
Well-behaved dogs allowed but must be on-leash at all times.


FOR ADA ACCOMMODATION REQUESTS & QUESTIONS: Contact Amy at or (802) 651-4114


This week, we’re kicking off our steel toe boots to head to Kansas City, MO for little bit of fun at Boulevardia. At this two day pop up party nation, Boulevard Brewing Co. treats guests to an action packed weekend full of live music, local food, beer, art and much more. It’s a little-known fact that our Brewery Founder/Brewmaster, Bill Cherry was the Head Brewer at Boulevard for five years before starting Switchback. Thanks to him, we’re thrilled to have been invited to pour at the festival’s “Taps & Tastes,” event which features a long list of incredible breweries from around the country. Knowing we’ll soon find ourselves in KC, the mecca of BBQ, we’ll be bringing several of our Flynn on Fire smoked beer series along with us.

To prepare ourselves for a weekend with our Boulevard buddies, we caught up with Bill to reminisce on his time there and our plans for the festival.

Untitled design.png

Bill Cherry (circled in blue) during his time at Boulevard. Photo Credit: Boulevard Brewing Co.

What's your fondest memory of working at Boulevard?

Being a part of the original staff that was figuring out how to run a brewery with no guidance other than our own wits.  The night we tested our self-designed hop strainer for whole cone hops and Boulevard’s Founder, John McDonald called our friend Bob Werkowitch (the former Muehlebach Brewing Company master brewer) at the old folks home for advice. Bob’s suggestion worked so well it became our standard operating procedure for handling the whole hops.  Oh yeah, I also have a second memory. My first trip to Europe was when Boulevard sent me to Brussels to attend the European Brewing Congress.  After the event, John, myself, and Larry Bell, Founder of Bell’s Brewery, tooled around Belgium visiting Orval, Dupont, Westvleteren, La Chouffe and more on personal tours Larry had arranged.  Experiencing and discussing these beers with Larry Bell and John McDonald has been a major influence on my approach to beer.

What was your favorite beer to brew at Boulevard?

Boulevard Dry Stout – We stretched the boundaries of what a small brewery could do with this nitrogenated beer that would float on top of our Pale Ale or Unfiltered Wheat Beer.

Is there anything that stuck with you from Boulevard that you applied when opening Switchback?

Quality, respect for employees, and stay true to your ideals.

Why Boulevardia now? Why FOF at Boulevardia?

When you are fomenting revolution you need a way to reach fellow revolutionaries.  Boulevardia is the perfect event to reach like-minded craft drinkers who want to experience truly innovative beer made to the highest quality standards. 


Last week, 90 small and independent craft breweries came together with hundreds of attendees for one unforgettable night. And, Switchback was there. We joined some of the country’s best breweries in Washington D.C. at Savor: An American Craft Beer & Food Experience where guests were treated to an evening of savory food and beer pairings hand selected by the Brewers Association Chef, Adam Dulye.

Our favorite part of the evening was introducing foodies and beer aficionados alike to our Flynn on Fire Smoked Beer Initiative. With us we brought Smoke 40, our smoked IPA, was beautifully paired with a dry-aged rib eye, mushroom crust and shallot.  And Bisou, a smoked French-style Saison, proved irresistible alongside a deviled egg served on a potato chip with Arugula. As an added bonus, we poured our Kansas City BBQ inspired Blackstrap Ale, creating a diverse lineup for guests to try. It was incredible to watch attendees’ faces light up when they tried both the beers and the food pairings, realizing just how approachable, versatile and creative the world of smoked beers can be.

Below you’ll find some photos recapping our highlights of the night. If you missed Savor this year, we strongly suggest you find a way to make it next time around! 'Till next year.

Flynn on Fire Festival Presented by Switchback!
Switchback Brewing Company Flynn on Fire Festival

Flynn on Fire Fest sets the South End ablaze with a celebration of all that is smoked, fired and flamed. A curated selection of art, music, food and beer from Switchback and other nationally acclaimed breweries to celebrate the launch of our new Flynn on Fire Smoked Beer Series. Plus a special limited Flynn on Fire barrel-release from Switchback. Night time main stage performance from Bella’s Bartok, Doctor Rick and live fire performance from Cirque De Fuego. This event benefits the Lake Champlain Land Trust. Tickets on sale here:


SEPTEMBER 29th, 2018 | 3-10PM

3:00PM - 6:00PM


7:00PM | DOORS @ 6:30PM

Tickets on sale here:

GIVING BACK: This event benefits the Lake Champlain Land Trust whose mission is to save the scenic beauty, natural communities, and recreational amenities of Lake Champlain. More info at:


FOR QUESTIONS: Contact Amy at or (802) 651-4114

Flynn on Fire Smoked Beer Initiative!
Switchback Brewing Company Flynn on Fire

Get excited, folks. Switchback is launching an initiative. A smoked beer initiative. Here at Switchback, we firmly believe that smoked beers have not yet gotten their due. Just like the greatly respected Belgian styles, goses and sours that have made their comeback before, it’s now time for the neglected smoked beers to take the stage. We know it can be intimidating, but we're here to help. We’re here as the shining beacon to lead you through this adventure. To show you that smokiness can be a balanced attribute that, when done right, can provide unique character and complexity.

And so we introduce to you, our Flynn on Fire Smoked Beer Initiative. Named to pay homage to the many historical fires that have plagued our little South End neighborhood in Burlington, VT throughout time.

Smoked beers are some of the oldest in the world, and what you’ll learn quickly is that they command respect. It takes great skill to create one that is balanced enough to invite you back for another sip let alone another glass. Typically smoked beers are overdone, and while smokiness is a great contribution to beer, we believe it shouldn’t be the definition of the flavor. Here at Switchback we’ve always been about balance, and our Flynn on Fire Series is no exception.

So where did this all come from? It all started when our Plant Engineer, Gretchen, visited Bamberg, Germany. The mecca of smoked beers and one of the last remaining place on earth where they truly experiment with this. It was here that she had an epiphany. When she left Bamberg, she couldn’t shake the feeling that the other beers she tried just seemed lacking in comparison. That the current American craft beer scene was missing out on something major. Thus our Flynn on Fire Smoked Beer Initiative was born.

At first we experimented with traditional German styles creating our Smoked Märzen and a smoked lager, our Gates of Helles. To our surprise, there was a very positive response from our Tap Room customers who, for the most part, were completely unfamiliar with smoked beers.  But because we are an American craft beer brewery, our urge to experiment kept us branching out even further.  We combined our skills and knowledge of full bodied, balanced ales with the subtle nuances of what we believe a smoked beer should be. The result is our Blackstrap Ale, a hugely complex beer utilizing beechwood smoked malt, brown sugar along with caramelized malts to create a truly unique experience. And the creativity doesn't stop there. The future of our Flynn on Fire Smoked Beer Series is bright as we explore barrel aging, innovative beer styles and more. 

We believe that it’s now our duty to spread this realization with the rest of the world. We’ve set our pallets ablaze and there’s no turning back. Join us in this new craft beer initiative: The Flynn on Fire Smoked Beer Initiative.

Current Beers in the Series:

Smoked Märzen:
5.4% ABV | 38 IBU
A strong dose of old world smokiness adds a whole new dimension to the Märzen experience. Our Smoked Märzen carries an intense smoke flavor that elevates this style to new heights of complexity and satisfaction. Take a few sips and be transported to the cobblestone streets and biergartens of Bamberg, Germany where Rauchbiers are a way of life.


Gates of Helles: 5.1% ABV | 27 IBU
The perfect way to enter the realm of smoked beers is through the Gates of Helles. A soft touch on the smoke superbly complements this helles-style lager. The result is an amazingly satisfying and refreshing golden lager whereby the smoke brings complexity and depth to the world’s most popular style of beer. Crack open the Gates of Helles and abandon all hope of returning to conventional flavors.

Blackstrap Ale: 5.9% ABV | 30 IBU
This smoky dark ale is inspired by Switchback Founder Bill Cherry’s time in Kansas City. Blackstrap Ale harkens to KC’s iconic BBQ tradition with its combination of sweet and smoke, derived from an outrageous use of smoked, roasted, and caramelized malts with a hint of dark brown sugar. Drink up and dream of burnt ends with this explosion of bold and smoky flavors.

Barrel-Aged Blackstrap Ale: 8.3% ABV
At 8.3% ABV, this is a whiskey drinker’s beer as its delicate notes rise and fall with each sip. The big smoked malt backbone allows for caramel and fig nuances to blend with the oak and vanilla character imparted by four months aging in Stonecutter Spirits heritage cask whiskey barrels.

S.O.S (Smoked Oyster Stout): 5.1% ABV | 28 IBU
Driftwood bonfires on the beach and fresh seafood only need friends and beer to make the perfect party. New England oysters delivered fresh from the boat by Wood Mountain Fish turn this Irish-style stout into a celebration of smoke on the sea. Our Smoked Oyster Stout weighs in at a whopping 76% on the Smoke-Ometer ™, but the oysters and roasted barley tame the intensity turning this beer into a refreshing dry stout.

Smoke 40 IPA: 5.9% ABV | 72 IBU
Smoke 40 accomplishes the impossible by marrying smoke with an IPA. Using a 40% smoked malt base, we complement the malt character with an over-sized dose of Mosaic hops to bring tropical fruit into the mix. Think charcoal grilled pineapple slices as you drink this amazingly complex beer.

Bisou (Smoked Saison): 7.8% ABV | 60 IBU
Transport yourself to the French countryside with our Smoked Saison. We use oak smoked wheat malt as well as beechwood smoked barley malt to add a complex smokiness that is complemented by cracked pink peppercorns and orange zest in this loving nod to the traditional French Saison.