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Humo is here!

The newest beer in our Flynn on Fire smoked beer series is here! Fresh jalepeños and smoked malt partner to create this spicy chipotle treat. The bold imperial stout character helps balance out the heat of the peppers resulting in an unforgettable drinking experience. Available on draught and in 22oz bottles exclusively at the Tap Room at the brewery. 10.9% ABV | Smoke-Ometer = 75%

Dampf Punk Joins the Switchback Lineup

Everybody welcome Dampf Punk to the Switchback fam!

Switchback Brewing Company Dampf Punk

DAMPF PUNK, a hoppy California-style Common started as a one-off experimental batch. This rebel brew quickly became a favorite among our Tap Room regulars and these self-proclaimed Punk fans insisted that we make it available outside the brewery. So here is our unique take on this 100% American beer style.

While still using our house lager yeast, this beer is fermented at a warmer temperature closer to ale yeast conditions, giving it a toasty flavor that is light and crisp. Dry-hopping this beer with a brand new, unnamed hop variety provides soft tropical and herbal notes. The result is wonderfully clean and complex, our unique take on this 100% American beer style.

Look for Dampf Punk at your favorite bars, stores and restaurants...or better yet, ask for it!

Thai Lime Gose Goes Barrel-Aged

Our First Ever Barrel Aged Beer

Switchback Brewing Company Barrel Aging

It all started three years ago with some creative thinking by our brewers and a desire to make a refreshing sour. The result? Our Thai Lime Gose.  A definite fan favorite amongst our Tap Room visitors, this beer features a bright lactic sourness balanced by a salinity derived from French Sea Salt and a subtle citrusy-lime aroma from Thai Lime leaves. After three years of enjoying this effervescent treat we were left thinking, “what else can we do with this amazing brew?” The result is Switchback’s first ever barrel aged beer: Our Tequila Barrel Aged Gose.

The Man Behind the Barrel

To guide us as we broke through this new ground, we enlisted our Brewer, Alex, to lead the project. Alex brought a wealth of knowledge and perspective into this new world having joined us from the barrel aging program at Funkwerks. So, Alex got to work filling four tequila barrels with over 200 gallons of Thai Lime Gose where we patiently waited and tasted for months until it was just right. 

Cheers to a Great Beer

After four long months of ageing, the result is a full-bodied twist on our Thai Lime Gose. This brew leads with an oak aroma followed by a pleasant punch of tequila, finishing with a mellow tartness and a hint of salinity. Join us for the official release in the Tap Room at Switchback on January 7th, 2018 and prepare yourself for more barrel aged beers from Switchback as we continue to explore, create and expand on these projects.